DGM3760 Web Languages II

This course was built by Dr. Paul Cheney for the Digital Media Department at UVU

Course Syllabus

About this Course

What you will Learn

You will learn about PHP and MYSQL

Course Prerequisites

This course is to be taken after DGM2760


This course is broken into 9 units There is also a midterm and a final project which will test the skills you learned . Each lesson is broken down with Learning Objectives, an Overview, followed by Learning Activities and of course an Assignment. This is followed by an example of the assignment and the assignment itself. Several of the units will have related quizzes to be taken in Canvas.

Instruction & Assessment

Reading Materials

For each unit you will read a chapter from the "Head First PHP & MySQL" textbook.

Tutorial Videos

This course will rely heavily on screen casts (videos are of a computer screen and narrated by Dr. Cheney) to communicate the material we cover in class. These videos provide the optimal opportunity for you to control when and where you study. You can also pause the video while you get a snack or try to make your code work like the example. Have you ever been able to do that during a philosophy or history lecture? Most of the lessons will have video tutorials that show you how to complete an activity that is similar to the one you will work on. Videos are avaliable on iTunes.


Of course no lesson is complete without providing you an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. These carefully designed assignments will require you to demonstrate what you have learned from the instructional videos as well as your textbook reading. You will NOT be allowed to copy code from any other source when completing the unit assignments.


I provide an example of each assignment so you can see how it functions and what you should be working towards. You can compare your work (function, presentation, design) against my example and self-assess how well your doing.. Please DO NOT copy these examples, not only will you fail the course but you will rob yourself of the very thing you are paying to learn.

Final Project

You will demonstrate your understanding of the materials in this course by completing a final project. This project will contain several beautifully designed pages and have a consistent look and feel.

Submission of Work

All assignments must be uploaded to you dgm3760 subdomain and a link added to Canvas. There are two deadlines in the semester after which late work will NOT be accepted. Assignments 1-6 plus the midterm are due at midterm. Assignments 7-9 are due the last day of class. The FInal is due the day we have our two hour exam scheduled.

Late work will not be accepted.

Required Materials

Since you will be building responsive pages, you will need access to a smart phone and tablet to check your work before turning it in. These can also be checked out from the DGM department. Ask at our front desk.


You have the very best instructors available.

paul cheney
Dr. Paul Cheney

Paul Cheney received his master's degree from Utah State University in Instructional Technology and worked as a civilian for the United States Air Force doing interactive computer-based firefighter training. He and his family then moved to Provo, Utah where he worked at Brigham Young University for five years in the Instructional Technology Center. While there, he was involved in authoring multimedia, digitizing video, training faculty in instructional technology, and QTVR. He then moved with his family to Buena Vista, VA where he joined the faculty at Southern Virginia University. While there he taught multi-media design courses, served as the Director of Media and Instructional Technology, and completed a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Ten years after moving to Virginia he returned to Utah where he is now at Utah Valley University teaching courses in their Digital Media department.


The best way to contact your instructor is through email. I will reply within one business day; excluding weekends. Be sure to include the specific assignment you need help with.


Assignments will be graded during class time. You and I will sit down together and go through the checklist and your code to make sure everything is accounted for.

Letter Grade Scale

Your final grade will be based on the weight of percentage that each category is given.

Grade Percent
A 94%-100%
A- 90%-93%
B+ 87%-89%
B 84%-86%
B- 80%-83%
C+ 77%-79%
C 74%-76%
C- 70%-73%
D+ 67%-69%
D 64%-66%
D- 60%-63%
E <60%