DGM2740 Principles of Web Languages

This course was built by Dr. Paul Cheney for the Digital Media Department at UVU

Unit12 CSS Framework (Foundation 5)



Please look back over everything we have covered thus far in this course. From media queries to responsive media to advanced css3 to various solutions for phone navigation Now that you understand how to code all this stuff yourself, were going to combine all that stuff into a single framework written by someone else. These are called frameworks. There are many CSS frameworks competing for your time and attention including bootstrap and Foundation 5. After significant research, I selected Foundation by Zerb for this course. I believe that once you lean one framework, you can easily pickup on another one.

Foundation has many great features and you will only use a handful in any one web project. Our goal in this unit is t expoase you to the possibilities of a CSS framework and self-document what you are learning so that when you use t for another project you will have some notes to fall back on.

Learning Activities

All videos listed below are available on UDEMY


Reflection Questions

You will please submit the answers to these questions in Canvas


View my Foundation 5 Example with my notes

View my redesign of Spartan Design University done with Foundation 5